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Droppin the straight Jazz/Funk in Minneapolis - Pulse Twin Cities

Rare Medium's success lies in their cross-generational and cross genre appeal, engaging audiences from rock venues to small jazz clubs-preferably a setting where you can get up and move! - Andrea Canter, JazzPolice

This album just might save your life - Tim Fischer, Ripsaw News Duluth

| Rare Medium News
April 21, 2014


Check the Dates page. Our first show in quite a while is booked. More to come!




We've got some big things planned for 2014. Stay tuned.




Thanks to Jazz 88 (KBEM) for keeping us on the airwaves. We appreciate your continued support!




Tryg's was hopping last night. Good to see people groovin' from start to close. A 4 hour show and people still called out for more. Thanks to all who came out and gave their support!